In our country, we have Ng’ang’a and Kanyari. In Malawi, they have ‘Prophet’ Shepherd Bushiri.

Faced with credibility questions, Shepherd invited a writer to his house to film him walking on air. He is seen coming down a flight of stairs, then the camera zooms on his legs as he takes the final step, and voila..

To the stupid eye, it clearly is a miracle. But I’m sure we’re clever than that. By zooming on his legs, the cameraman strategically excluded everything else, thus allowing someone or some people to come and lift him up. You can hear the door open in the background.

As a matter of fact, they were in so much hurry that they forgot to lock the door on their way out. You can even see a shadow running from the scene.

Closed door before ‘Miracle’door1

Partially open door after ‘Miracle’door2