jaguar4This week, NACADA Director Charles Njagua better known as Jaguar made headlines when he called out his NACADA colleagues over the poor handling of drug addicts in Mombasa.

According to Jaguar, some NACADA officials were not doing their job.

A few days later, the singer has gotten a response after briefing NACADA officials about the dire situation down at the Coast.

Jaguar said; “Following our earlier trip to Mombasa and the drug addict situation we found there, Director Ngao and I went back to NACADA to brief them on the situation. We were advised that, at the moment there’s really nothing much NACADA can do; Perhaps Later.”

The shocker prompted Jaguar to seek help elsewhere. He also called out on stakeholders to help in fighting the drug menace in the country.

“We chose not to give up and in turn visited the Director General of the National Youth Service (NYS) – Dr Nelson Githinji who was more than helpful. He agreed to open the Miritini Rehabilitation Center and take up 250 addicts as a start in solving the matter.

“I am thankful for that and i hope i may get support from other like minded stake holders as we work towards reducing and eventually eradicating drug addiction in our youth.”