BURAHaving been crowned the OLX SOMA Facebook personality of the year 2015 over the weekend, Robert Burale is back to doing what he does best.

The pastor who doubles up as an image consultant has outlined a list of rules every man should adhere to.

Here’s Robert Burale’s MEN 101:

1) don’t hold hands for too long while talking to a fellow man
2)don’t place your hand on a fellow mans thighs when chatting in an effort to stress a point
3) Don’t ever let your “strongholds”be on the right side .. It will be uncomfortable when you walk
4)don’t keep long nails
5)for men over 35 after using the urinal for a short call wait a minute after you are done for the late trickle or it will embarrass you with a spot on your trouser.
6) If Married never ever lie to your woman when she asks”honey is that lady beautiful ?” If she is just say “yes”.

7) Never entertain other men in discussing with you IN DETAIL how attractive YOUR wife is ..you could be in the presence of TEAM MAFISI.

8) Don’t let the house help be too comfortable serving you food in the bedroom. She will start disrespecting your wife.
9) married men..where as we men are like instant heaters ..ladies are like a jiko ..take time with her.

10)if your wife likes weaves PLS don’t buy her the ones that react with heat and they start smoking