musWell, it was about time singer Colonel Mustafa stirred up some controversy after going silent for quite a while. Apparently, he is taking a much needed break from sex.

The ‘Dodoma Singida’ hit maker has in the past bragged about his s’ex-capades’ claiming to have slept with 20 women in a month. He reckons it was about time he took time off to focus on his life and relationship with his new catch.

“I am not saying am turning celibate really, I’m only taking a short sex break to focus on my life and serious relationship. Sometimes we need to reflect back and see who we really are away from the showbiz life we live, that may not reflect the real private person we are. If I get someone to settle down with this time, I probably will, I probably have because I have been looking around”. Said Mustafa.

He further revealed plans to start a sex talk show in schools and institutions as a way of saving the world.

Taking a sex break is like me saying I’m saving the world. Don’t misunderstand me. A sex break takes you real back. Sex means a lot to this generation. I actually want to start a sex talk show in schools and institutions of higher learning. I have been thinking about it for a while now”, he enthused.