eclipsed1Oscar winner Lupita Nyong’o delivered another applaudable performance in an off-Broadway play dubbed ‘Eclipsed.’

‘Eclipsed’ is an African War drama written by playwright Danai Gurira, famed for her role as the zombie-mauling Michonne on ‘The Walking Dead.’ The searing drama follows women in the crossfire of the second Liberian civil war — during which warlords conscripted child soldiers, ate each other’s hearts and performed human sacrifices.

According to international media outlets, Lupita Nyong’o delivered a brilliant performance at The Public Theater in Manhattan, New York.

In show of support, her family(brother, father and mother) were in attendance to watch Lupita deliver a sterling performance. They got to hang out with the play’s director, Liesl Tommy, writer Danai Gurira and the legendary Stevie Wonder.

Here are the photos; courtesy of Junior Nyong’o.






And some photos of Lupita doing what she does best.



lupita6Photos courtesy