If you’re on Whatsapp, chances are you received  forwarded message from your friends stating that former PC Kiplimo Rugut’s daughter was found dead in bed after being electrocuted by her phone’s earphones.

The message read;

A daughter of former PC Kiplimo Rugut from Lessos is dad. She was found dead in bed yesterday after being electrocuted by her phone earphones. Please warn your children against charging phone with earphones on.Miriam


The origin of the message would be difficult to track, but it has become a trend for similar alarmist messages to be spread on Whatsapp.

Chepkoech passed on last month, but according to the father, it had nothing to do with earphones.

During the funeral service on Friday, Mr Kiplimo Rugut – former Provincial Commissioner and NYS Director General, told family and friends that his daughter died of heart failure and was not electrocuted.

“I want to state categorically that my daughter was not electrocuted. Doctors conducted an autopsy and told us that she had died from heart failure,” he said.

Addressing the mourners in Lessos, the former PC advised against speculation.

“People have come up with speculation about the cause of her death including being electrocuted while using earphones. There was nothing like that. It is not good to spread information which may lead to double tragedy.”

Though Leslie was using her phone while charging, there was no evidence that she was infact electrocuted.

Such stories have been spread on social media many times before, but experts agree that it is extremely unlikely to have a fatal electrocution from a mobile phone, since the voltage is too low. Also, other factors like water need to be present.