Kenyan matatu touts are known to be ill-behaved and very reckless when it comes to the way in which they handle their female customers. Last year, they sparked a serious debate titled My Dress My Choice after video clips of them stripping ladies in town went viral.

Although they had ceased doing the unspeakable act, claims from social media have it that they are still abusive when handling ladies. Yesterday, a lady suffered a near-stripping incidence after encountering the rowdy touts. Below is what she narrated.

“This morning I was walking from Tononoka towards Taj mall when I heard men whistling behind me of course to attract my attention but I ignored them and continued walking ahead… This got them angry and one started throwing insults at me, Unaringa na unatembea mguu(as if am supposed to walk on my head) , Umepotea njia ya airport, wee Malaya tunakujua unasambaza ukimwi..This made me turn around only to be met by the usual Embassava uniform… I laughed to annoy them more swinging my small Githurai even harder.. The niggas continued shouting their usual Slogan, Toa! ,toa toa! running towards me..Were it not for a traffic cop who came to my rescue, these niggas would have stripped me naked for sure.”

embassava 1