caroOver the weekend, Daily Nation columnist Njoki Chege was making headlines again for an article attacking plus size women and their eating habits. Incase you missed it, read the full text HERE.

The article has received quite the backlash including from Caroline Mutoko. The former radio queen responded with an article of her own on The Star’s Feature Column titled “It’s Not What I Am Eating; It’s What’s Eating Me.”

According to Caroline Mutoko, nobody cares about the underlying cause of obesity.

“I hate that people like Njoki Chege think Fat Shaming is Ok and since fat people are not human and therefore have no feelings, it is acceptable for you take to the Saturday Nation Newspaper to tell them what you think of their bodies!

Here is the thing, as such people sit there judging me and all the fat people in the world, nobody cares to know what the underlying cause of that obesity might have been.

I am torn between pissed off and saddened because some editor of a national newspaper thinks it is ok for a large section of the population to get insulted and neither do they care of the repercussions…”

She went on to outline 6 points in response to Njoki Chege.

So here is my response to the size 8 columnist called Njoki Chege who would prefer we Fat people do not talk back after she tears us apart… This is the real world so open up those ears Miss Chege and hear what this Fat Woman has to say. (PS:- this response also includes all popcorn grabbing social mediarati who stand aside and silently agree with her and giggle.

1. I know I am fat. If you cared so much about my life and what I look like and how I got this way you would have been there to hold my hand as I disintegrated into a thousand pieces after losing not one but two children. I doubt many people knew or cared that I was so broken by my grief that I never left the house for months on end because even some of the people I called my closest friends were the meanest to me at my lowest point and I shut myself off except on FB.

2. This is MY life… I worry about MY life and not yours and I love myself even in this body and it’s limitations, I love myself.

3. As a fashion designer and I really do not think ANYONE has a right to tell a section of the population they have no right to shoes and clothing because you have caught feelings that some guys actually find a fat woman attractive.

4. Fat Shaming is not a sport that people watch as a bunch of ill-mannered and foul tempered thin women hate fat individuals because apart from these people having a lot of self love and some weirdos loving these fat people. The problem is your parents taught you no respect for others so don’t hate fat people for living.

5. I am sorry if people like me, who are fat tend to have the audacity to accept that they are not perfect and choose not be miserable but choose to thank God for His mercies and we just continue being so happy to be alive despite our fat bodies… Deal with it … it is their life, NOT yours.

6. Personally I think such people who are this heartless need to do some soul searching, a check with Dr Frank Njenga is imperative so he can diagnose why they are such nasty human beings.

Finally, If all else fails feed them some cake and tell them to STHUP!!!

In the article, Caroline also delves into her own personal struggles with weight back in 2007. You can check out more of that HERE.