After spending millions and uncountable hours studying how to fly airplanes here in Kenya and South Africa, Liz Kitua was to later quit the billion-dollar career and settle for her passion in fashion. Though none of her family members and relatives understood her decision, Miss Kitua opened her own boutique known as Kidosho in 2010 which is still thriving through the years.

Five years down the line, Liz has managed to create her own database of loyal customers, stabilize the now booming business, as well as being able to create employment for other people. Still aiming at going big, she has a plan of going back to school and sharpen her management and entrepreneurship skills. Well, below are some photos of the hot lass who quit everything, followed her dream and realized it.

Meet kidosho Liz Kitua.

Liz Kitua 2
Liz Kitua 7
Liz Kitua 6
Liz Kitua 3
Liz Kitua 8
Liz Kitua 1