janetWhy people find the need to criticize what people post on their social media pages instead of unfollowing them, is mind boggling.

As the D-Day approaches for a heavily pregnant Janet Mbugua, the last thing she probably needs in her life is negativity of any kind let alone from a mere social media user.

On Wednesday, as has become the norm from the Citizen TV news anchor, she was sharing with her fans her journey on Instagram when a ‘fan’ decided to unleash a tirade of negative comments.

According to the ‘fan’, Janet has become too much with the posts and she needs to ‘leave that belly for Ndichu(her husband) and not the whole world.’

This was the post by Janet that started it all;

The fan sparked a heated exchange of words when she said:

Ladyshical  “This is becoming too much even if we cheered at first. kindly Tell your sponsors to take a break and leave that belly for Ndichu not the whole world”

To which Janet Mbugua responded telling her;

Janetmbugua @ladyshical “I don’t care for your opinion, you don’t have to follow me if you don’t like what you see! This is for men and women who celebrate transitions!”

Janetmbugua @claire_fredrick “I’m very happy! Whatever God has in store for me, I’ll take it. I think people like Ladyshical are very unhappy in their own lives! And yes, very rude!”

The annoying fan stood her ground firing more shots that Janet should stop emulating the Kardashians.

Ladyshical  @claire_fredrick  it is good to celebrate but too much of something is poisonous. I wonder why we always fear telling the truth to this celebs at times. Janetmbugua has been most disciplined gal but I don’t blame her i blame her sponsors for where she is headed”

Ladyshical “Ha ha! am not telling her to change but hope she gets my weird observation. She is a lovely gal .we adored her even before.she doesn’t have to start immulating the Kardashian”

Ladyshical Ha ha you gals amaze me .jealousy for what #AskBiMswafari .I love you @officialjanetmbugua truth be told though it is always bitter”

Janet who was irked by the use of the word ‘sponsor’ in the lady’s comments decided to take matters into her own hands by blocking the user.

Janetmbugua@ladyshical “I can’t be jealous of someone who throws in the word ‘sponsor’ from nowhere. I’m also not saying you’re jealous, you just seem confused. I’d appreciate if you’d unfollow me, not a fan of haters on my timeline. Thanks!”

Ladyshical “I will follow you@officialjanetmbugua without faking .I tell truth when need be and we also celebrate when need be ( Zechariah 8:16 ).no hate.”

Janetmbugua@ladyshical “The fact that you couldn’t just put it in another way, and has to mention sponsors, is hating. Learn about constructive criticism (Google it), and you’ll see the difference. Don’t quote the Bible if you’re going to say such things. You may not want to unfollow me so let me block you…”

Drama Nayo!