grace1It appears Njoki Chege’s recent work has achieved its intended purpose…to piss off and attract reactions from Kenyans.

The Daily Nation columnist hit out at fat women- for the second time, and as a result she has been on the lips of many Kenyans. Among the public figures who have responded to the article are Caroline Mutoko, Neomi Ng’ang’a and now Grace Msalame.

The media personality took to Instagram to voice her opinion while sharing her own personal struggles with the weighty issue.

According to Grace, Njoki Chege’s opinion is valid but rather crude.

She wrote,

“I took this Pic Saturday Morning after reading Njoki’s Article knowing I’d use it at some point… Heavy on Filter though cause I’d just jumped out of the shower looking for something to wear… Anyway short of it all! I’ve just read caroline mutoko’s Article in response to the Infamous Fat Shaming Article & I must say finally what a breath of Fresh air!! Finally a more honest approach! Njoki was rather crude but her opinion is very much valid. Coming from my own honest space… I weighed 65Kg’s before my kids after naturally loosing my teen weight in my early twenties! I then got pregnant at 24! & still managed to maintain a good ratio, though of course as my twins were growing in my belly I gained 14Kilos!! So by 9months I was 79Kg’s!! My heaviest yet! Breast-Feeding did me good though, in no time I was back to my pre-baby weight. 2years in though I fluctuated between 70-73Kg’s! Now though 4yrs later I’m approaching my fears… I’m now at 77Kg’s! And I am very aware of my triggers! Stress makes me crave sugar & fat & I also tend to eat at the wrong times. Being aware of our triggers is the first step to dealing with our body weight! Don’t mask it! Ignore it! Deny it! But accept & begin to work on it. To quote Caroline “I encourage you to figure out your fat trigger. It’s never what I am eating that leads to weight gain, it’s what’s eating me. That’s the FAT Problem. The End”