willy1Another one! Yes, another lie and another publicity stunt by Willy Paul has sent social media into a frenzy.

The gospel hitmaker is apparently gearing to walk the aisle if his recent social media post is anything to go by.

The singer shared on Instagram a photo of an engagement ring with the caption; “It’s finally here, the date is set, the bride is set, the cake is set and I am ready….. Willy Paul getting married… stay on for more updates on the wedding plan…. it’s one very hard move but blessings follow”


First things first, the photo has been lifted off the internet and if you google ‘engagement rings’ you will probably find it among the images. Secondly, it has become a routine/strategy by Willy Paul to promote an upcoming song by starting an attention-seeking story.

Whether it is his recurring ‘beef’ with Bahati, the letters on social media; most of these controversies have come days before he dropped a new song.

Therefore, don’t hold your breath on Willy Paul making an honest woman out of any girl anytime soon. He is just too immature for such a serious commitment.