joleneUnveiling of a newborn’s face weeks or months after birth is increasingly becoming the newest trend among celebrities. Diamond and Zari did it after 40 days when they unveiled Tiffah’s face and closer home, Tahidi High actress Jacqueline Mwangi and her fiance have done it after 3 months.

Taking to social media, Jackie’s fiance for the first time shared a photo of an adorable baby Zari cracking the biggest smile.

He expressed the joy Zari gives him and it looks like the little tot has been nothing but an adorable bundle of joy for the couple.

He wrote on Wednesday;

#WCEveryday…How she smiles when i make noises at her Her smile completes me #ThankfulForEachMoment #MapenziGalore #SmileNiYangu #MachoNiZangu #SheTakesAfterMeOfcourse