corazon1Over two weeks ago, a man claiming to be Corazon’s father came out and revealed shocking details about the voluptous socialite’s role in tearing up his family. Incase you missed the drama, check it out HERE.

Following the saga that was brought to light by The Nairobian, many expected Corazon would respond but she chose to remain tight lipped. Her silence was finally broken by a subsequent article on ‘Crazy Monday’ titled ‘Rich Nairobians who’ve disowned, neglected their poor parents.’


Corazon took to her social media page to rant saying;

I would stay quiet as I always have! But these mafuckas need to leave me the hell alone! I am busy doing me, working, doing my businesses and they just want to drag me down! Force me to be a socialite! Force me to be a celebrity! Force me to be fake and to be who am not! Leave me alone and give Kenyans better news! We deserve better dammit! I am not a socialite neither am I a celebrity you can get more interesting people to write articles about you crazies! PS: am not a nairobian!”