ConjesAccording to close family members of former female boxing champion Conjestina Achieng’, the boxer’s sickness psychologically ‘tormented’ her father to the grave.

Conjestina, fondly known as Conje was diagnosed with schizoaffective disorder/paranoid schizophrenia and admitted at Mathari Referral Hospital in September 2012, before being released from the facility in October 2014. She was then living in Nairobi before later relocating to her rural home where she has been intermittently unwell.

The family now says that Conjestina’s continued sickness took a toll on her late dad, Clement Adala. He succumbed to heart failure last December at Kisumu’s Jalaram Hospital.

Speaking to The Nairobian, Conje’s brother William Ochieng recalled his father’s last words before he died. “My son,I am worried about how you people are going to make it.” 

“I have been in this world long enough, and I have suffered enough because of my daughter. I have nothing left and I cannot stand it any longer.” He reportedly said.

Conjestina’s mother, Gertrude Adala also echoed William’s sentiments. She reportedly recalled that her late husband was worried about what will become of his daughter and his grandchild whose school fee was already hitting Sh80,000 in arrears.

“He died talking to us. Before that, he had lamented about the plight of her daughter,” she recalled.

Ochieng added that their father sold some family land to cater for Conje’s treatment, though his efforts did not bear fruit as Conjestina’s condition continued to deteriorate.

“He used to look at Conje and could not believe that she was the same heroine who flew the Kenyan flag high.”He said.

Additional Reporting by The Nairobian.