bump n rob
If you are a motorist plying Kenyan roads, you need to be a little bit more careful lest you become the next victim of a super-planned highway robbery. Shocked?! There is an upsurge of city criminals who are targeting personal car drivers.
This new breed of robbers hit their target’s car from behind and then rob them once they stop to check the damage.
Mr. Charles Owino, the Kenya Police spokesman, said that the practice is common in Nairobi where in a span of two weeks, 10 motorists have reportedly been attacked and personal valuables stolen from them.
Mr. Timothy Rotich who fell prey to the thieves, narrates that while driving along Manyanja road, his vehicle suddenly got hit from behind. Stopping to assess the damage, four men armed with pistols forced him onto the back-seat of his car, sped off, before dumping him along Kangundo road.
At the end of it all, Mr. Timothy had been robbed off his car, a Suzuki Escudo, KBS 331S, Sh 10,000/- and a mobile phone.
While police are trying to curb the gang, motorists have been told to be very alert while driving.