don2Filthy rich lawyer Donald Kipkorir regularly uses his Facebook page to narrate experiences at Nairobi hotels. A few months ago, he was angry that Sankara charged him parking fees even after spending nearly Sh10,000 in the hotel.

Now on Saturday, the lawyer went to the Artcaffe at Lavington Mall for a snack as well as a business meeting. During his time there, he observed how the restaurant waiters looked down on black customers while treating whites as ‘mini gods’.

This was his post on Facebook.

Am at ArtCaffe Lavington Mall in a meeting with a CEO of one of the most strategic state corporations and observing racial profiling by waiters. When Black Africans come in, no one sits them down and the waiters take time to bring menus. When mzungus come in, waiters trip each other to show them where to sit and with menus in hand. I don’t know when Black waiters in Nairobi restaurants will understand that not all mzungus have more money than blacks … And for sure the mzungus in Kenya malls and restaurants can’t have more more than blacks in the same places. I have complained consistently against racial profiling. It is the height of stupidity to look down on black customers. ArtCaffes and similar restaurants ought to have change of attitude. At the end of the day, we are here to stay and the mzungus will exhaust their little savings and go back.


While commenting on the same on Twitter, activist Boniface Mwangi posted this screenshot of an online review supporting Donald’s observation.


If you thought the 2013 croissant saga would make them change their ways, you have your answer.