kariA 12 year old girl who was kicked out of her home for bringing ‘bad luck’ to the family has finally found shelter in a children’s home.

The standard five school girl from Kariobangi North was thrown out their house by her father and grandmother and had been spending most nights on the doorstep.

According to Nairobi News, a children’s court on Wednesday granted Ms Diana Okello the authority to be the girl’s custodian. She will be staying at a children’s home in Pangani where Ms Okello works.

The girl’s father, Rashid Adan, 47, is facing charges of child endangerment and neglect of a minor. He was denied bail on Wednesday and will be remanded until January 2, 2016 when the case will resume.

According to the girl’s custodian, the girl had been treated of a chest infection she caught because of sleeping out in the cold for the last three years. She has also been admitted to a private school in Eastlands.

Her plight was first highlighted by the local tabloid in September. They reported having found the soft-spoken girl seated with a plate of Ugali and Sukuma Wiki on her hand on the doorstep.

She was wearing school uniform and sat on an old doormat. She claimed that she was given the food by a neighbour and used to spend most nights on the doorsteps, while her other siblings enjoyed the warmth and comfort of the house.

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Source- Nairobi News