Oburu-OdingaNominated Member of Parliament, Oburu Odinga has opened up on why he never got the cut. He said he would have been circumcised back in 2008 but that was never to be and there is a good reason why.

Back in 2008, Oburu was heard reassuring a cheering crowd that he would be getting the cut.

“We cannot cling to repugnant traditions for years while our people die at an alarming rate of HIV/Aids-related diseases. It is wrong, we must change. I am going to be cut next week. I am assuring you I will go, no matter how painful it will be.”

Speaking to The Nairobian last week, Oburu said he was advised against the cut due to his medical condition.

“When I presented myself for the cut, I was not allowed to go on because I am diabetic and the doctor advised that it would not be prudent to do so,” He said.

Health experts argue that a diabetic person take longer to heal from open wounds and circumcision can complicate matters.

Source: The Nairobian