tinaLest you forget about them, celebrity couple of Tina Kaggia and JB Masanduku are still going strong and are still crazy in love with each other like never before.

After almost 10 weeks of social media blackout from the radio presenter and her comedian husband, the couple have made a sensational comeback into the limelight. The couple took a hiatus from the public eye after the publicity heat became too much. Nondescript blogs were all over the couple with damaging rumors about their relationship, and it seems they have taken much needed time to reflect and come back stronger.

Through her instagram page, the classic fm presenter has been sharing photos of the good times they have been having on holiday at an unnamed exotic place. Letting loose and smiling from ear to ear, the couple are also spotting some awesome tattoos on their arms.

Check them out






Awesome stuff! Looks like a buoyant couple to me!