On this Monday 14th September, these are the stories the whole world is talking about.

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Kenya Mau Mau memorial funded by UK unveiled – BBC News

Students Post Ingenious Photos Of Cost Cutting Gadgets They’ve Made
‘Mario’ turns 30: Here’s how he changed the game industry for good

America’s city rankings set for Texas-sized shake up; Houston to edge past Chicago
Sorry, Philadelphia: No mail for you while the Pope’s in town

Noose self-portraits question how equal black Americans really are – BBC News
21 Pictures That You REALLY Need To Look at To Understand

Church of Bacon membership trebles after followers offered special gift
Father Of Young Girl Sues Facebook After She Was Exposed To Sexual Predators

Not a good move: Mistakenly texting a cop to buy drugs
The Cold War nuke that fried satellites

The 18 most ‘miserable’ countries in the world
Inside the futuristic-looking German factory where BMWs are made

This Is What Getting Tased Looks Like In Super-Slow Motion
Man with 5 day erection after necking 35 viagra pills has bizarre excuse

Here’s how much sneaker styles have changed over the last century
2 dead in a plane crash on the set of Tom Cruise film, ‘Mena’

Egypt government resigns amid corruption inquiry – BBC News
A ‘House of Cards’ favorite is now an Emmy winner

Everyone Thinks Floyd Mayweather Is A Boring Fighter, Including Manny Pacquiao
Drug Dealer Wees Himself As Police Arrest Him

27 jobs to avoid if you hate stress
This is NOT a hand basin and you won’t believe what it is really used for

A thief who swallowed a large diamond was exposed by an X-ray scan