University of Nairobi student Emmanuel Otieno, popularly known as Jadudi, is on the road to recovery after undergoing a successful surgery to remove a cancerous brain tumor, the Africa Cancer Foundation has reported.

Jadudi a third year political science and sociology student, flew to Chennai, India for the removal of the tumor at Apollo Hospital, after receiving donations through a social media campaign.

The surgery, his fourth since his diagnosis in 2012, took four hours and Jadudi was out of the ICU in less than 24 hours despite an estimated 4 day timeline by doctors.

Zawadi Nyongo, CEO of the foundation in a series of tweets kept Kenyans updated on Jadudi’s progress.



Jadudi’s plight was first highlighted by blogger Biko Zulu through a blog post titled That Thing In Jadudi’s Head.

Here are photos of Jadudi recuperating in hospital. We wish him a quick recovery.