For the lovers of soda, the information I am about to share with you might be a bit shocking because you might be one among the many unlucky Coca Cola and Sprite consumers, who have unknowingly taken counterfeit drinks.

Yes. As it shockingly comes out, someone (not yet named) has been making plastic bottled drinks in Kenya, branding them like Coca Cola and then going ahead to supply his product to shops and supermarkets. Photos emerging from social media show how the drink is made in what looks like a ‘wannabe factory’ full of dirt and unhygienic containers.

Below are pictures of where the fake drinks come from. Next time you wanna buy Coca Cola or Sprite you will habe to be careful, lest you drink some concocted drink that only God knows how it was made.

Fake coca cola 1
Fake coca cola 2
Fake coca cola 3
Fake coca cola 4
Fake coca cola 5
Fake coca cola 6
Fake coca cola 7