salmaControversial Kenya’s Instagram rich kid, Salma Mbuvi, has jumped to the defence of his equally controversial dad, Mike Sonko over rumors that the Nairobi senator was eyeing Huddah Monroe.

Over the weekend, an article by a local daily revealed that an unnamed wealthy senator was keen on taking Huddah as a second wife. The article caught the attention of Huddah who responded by saying that she is too demanding to play second fiddle.

As the identity of the senator remained a mystery, a lackluster blog (giving the rest of us a bad name) alluded that the said senator is Mike Sonko.

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Sonko’s daughter, Salma Mbuvi did not take kindly those allegations as she took to social media to lash out.

“When people have nothing to do all they do is open their big mouths I wonder when people will start acting up like mature people…he never said he wanted her and bloggers its a high time you start respecting people’s lives and even though it’s business you do stop destroying people’s lives with made up lies and for your info he has no time for this nonsense so try something else”