jaguar4Singer cum NACADA director Charles Njagua best known by his stage name Jaguar, has fired another shot at NACADA for poor handling of the drug menace in the country.

Jaguar was in Mombasa over the weekend, where he came face to face with the extent of the drug scourge at the coast. He was accompanied by gospel singer Bahati and Dr. Ngao.

A disappointed Jaguar took to Facebook to lay bare the incompetence by NACADA officials in handling drug addicts.

He wrote,

Feeling rather disappointed on how the drug menace is being handled countrywide.

I was in mombasa over the weekend and was saddened by what I found.
With over 2.6 million drug addicts in kenya, NACADA officials are very busy holding costly boardroom talks while addicts receive no education and no medical support to get them out of this never ending drug scourge.

Accompanied by Dr Ngao and Bahati, We also visited Kisauni and found over 200 addicts taking drugs some even abusing in the presence of children despite the Presidents directive to get these addicts off the streets.

To add salt to an injury, I discovered an NGO who’s name I will withhold for now supplying the addicts with needles purporting to reduce transmission of HIV as opposed to NACADA distributing aid needed to get these addicts out of the mess they are in.

Truth is, this is a big fight we are in against drugs, if we don’t save our youth we will have very little to look forward to in the overall national development agenda we have as a country.

I can’t adress this drug menace alone and some of my colleagues in NACADA aren’t as forthcoming with the much needed support in fighting this menace.
I calling out to all persons and organizations of good will, that you each play a role in your individual/ organizational capacity so we may lead Affected addicts away from drugs and back to productivity.

I also propose that we impose very harsh penalties to anyone found peddling drugs and especially to minors who are also part of the 2.6 million addicts we have in our country.


In a subsequent post, Jaguar questioned the viability of rehab centres for charging drug addicts Sh 1000 per day.

“Accompanied by Bahati (Musician) and Dr Ngao,we visited the NACADA rehab center in mombasa only to find one addict no doctors no medicine no blankets. They charging addicts KES 1000 per day equivalent of 30000 per month for rehabilitation which is rather steep for addicts to afford. Begs the question why we have rehab centers that can’t accommodate the people they are meant to help.” He lamented.

Here are photos from the excursion