magdaI guess it must be something special for any girl to get her first kiss from a Head of State, but not for a former Tusker Project Fame finalist.

Magdalene Mukoya has revealed that her first kiss was from former President Daniel Arap Moi. Being the little girl she was, Magdalene reacted by going to the bathroom.

“I was one of the flower girls who are selected to present the president with a bouquet of flowers as a welcome gesture,” Magdaline told Word Is.

“When I presented him with the flowers he pecked my cheek. I remember thinking, ‘Oh no, a dude just pecked my face’.”  She added, “Those days kissing wasn’t my cup of tea, so the peck on my cheeks sent me straight to the bathroom.” 

The TV music star continued to narrate how years later her path crossed with the Moi.

“His excellency Moi officiated the opening of our huge dinning hall at Kijabe High School. As the school artist and curtain raiser I performed a solo that impressed him so much, he gave me a monetary greeting… a money handshake. I was honoured to sing a special for him.”

Magdalene has been on a number of TV shows namely, ‘The Presenter’ and Kenya’s Greatest Entertainer dubbed ‘Kenge’ which she won. She also hosted ‘The Ultimate Choir’, a talent search TV show for choirs.

Currently, she performs with the Central Jazz East Africa Band, She is also working on a gospel album.