subWith over 1 billion downloads across platforms, Subway Surfers probably just gave Kenya the most important endorsement yet.

The mobile phone game, available for Android, iOS, Windows phone and Kindle Fire, has been launching different editions, featuring different countries or cities. They’ve done New York, Rio, London, Mumbai, Paris, Seoul, Beijing etc.. but never an African destination.

On Thursday last week however, they released the ‘Kenyan Tour’.

Existing installations only need an update, but if you don’t have it installed on your device, you can download it on Play Storeor iTunes.

For this Kenyan update, the game introduces a new character ‘Zuri’ – the dancing Masai girl.



Throughout the game, you can pick up Kenyan styled shields and a special wooden hoverboard on top of the usual mystery boxes.



Not much changes in terms of graphics and game play, but throughout the game, you cannot fail to spot Kenyan traditional huts. You’ll even be pleasantly surprised to see Nairobi’s skyline.

Traditional huts and plenty of Kenyan colours.


Nairobi Skylinesub1

Subway Surfers is co-developed by Kiloo and Sybo Games, private companies based in Denmark.

Even without the Kenyan edition, this is one mobile game I would recommend. So if you’ve not downloaded it already, you now have a reason.

Here’s the promo video.