DK-Kwenye-Beat-710x434All is not well in the music industry as a couple of artists have come out to bash celebrated disc jockey, Peter Chuani aka DJ Pinye. The message has never been clearer, ‘You can’t preach water but drink wine’, especially when it comes to someone’s bread basket.

According to the artists, DJ Pinye’s latest project that seeks out Kenyan artists to create tracks and work on an album with him, does not make any sense as he does not play the recommended 70% local content.

It is believed gospel singer DK Kwenye beat kicked off the onslaught with some not-so kind words splashed over the DJ’s promotional poster.

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P-Unit’s Bon’Eye reposted the photo with the caption: “Huyu Ameanza kutubeba ujinga. Tunakujua weeewe!! #PlayKeMusic [email protected] anaongea kuhusu project kama hii ingekua ajab.”

Ringtone hailed DK Kwenye Beats courage saying,  ‘DK I love you bro because you don’t know how to hide nonsense you just let it out. Big Up.’

Several other artists reposted the poster on social media, but held onto their words perhaps for fear of a backlash.

There were those in support of the DJ’s move.

DJ Krowbar said, djpinye is an authority in this industry of ours… He wants the best out of us… Hence his standards are pretty high… Higher than even mine… #LearningCurve. My gut feeling is this project will surpass its original intention and spiral into a growth for our industry. Plus we all know, it won’t feature everyone but whoever will be featured will definitely benefit.