prezzo1Popular Cash Money Brothers rapper, Jackson Ngechu Makini aka Prezzo has come out to refute claims that he is connected and in business with a wanted drug trafficker.

The allegations emerged after a photo of the wanted drug trafficker Richard Wachira Maranga taken with Prezzo, was circulated to the police. Richard Wachira was arrested by detectives in Mombasa in Majengo Sokoni and booked at Makupa police station.


According to Word Is, Prezzo defended himself that he is a public figure and he does not know those who he takes pictures with.

“I have never been involved in drug trafficking business, I take many pictures with friends and my fans,” he argued.

The suspect was nabbed with 67 sachets of heroin, 50 grams of bhang among other hard drugs but later escaped from police custody. He is thought to be in hiding in Nairobi.

His brother Erick Maranga Kabue was arrested and charged with two counts of robbery with violence and obtaining stolen property.

According to Mombasa CID boss Zack Nangulu, they are working round the clock to get the suspect arrested.