Kiambu OCPD, Stephen Ng’etich, has issued a report telling the County’s residents and their neighbors to be extra careful when conducting financial transactions after investigations found out that fake local currency has been in circulation in the town. The OCPD said that police are still in serious investigations to unearth the source of the fake currency and the persons responsible for the crime.

It is also reported that three people (Stephen Mwangi, Sultan Maina and Alex Mburu) had been netted by police officers as they were busy depositing Kshs. 200,000/- into Stephen Mwangi’s account at a local bank after the bank’s teller called police when she detected that the money was fake. This incidence is said to have happened exactly two days after another man was nabbed with Kshs. 700,000/- fake notes.
Below are the type of notes that were found after arrest of the money laundering culprits.
Fake currency in Kiambu 2
Fake currency in Kiambu 3