nasStandard Group yesterday reported a Sh21 Million half year profit; probably a fraction of what each of SK Macharia’s Radio stations make.

Considering this is a media company with the second biggest of everything: newspaper, TV station and swahili radio station, Sh21 million is not something to talk about.

There are hundreds of individuals in the country making that in a month, leave alone six.

Management faulted digital migration for the 90% drop drop in revenue. 2014 pre-tax profit was Sh205 million.

Soon after the results, controversial lawyer Ahmednasir Abdullahi took to Twitter to announce that he had a buyer, and the true owners of the media group should get in touch. Perhaps he was saying this to hurt CEO Sam Shollei, whom they don’t see eye to eye by virtue of the lawyer’s fight with Shollei’s wife Gladys, or perhaps he really has found a buyer.