ringtone1Clearly there is money in music (that other Kenyan artists can’t seem to lay their hands on), or it pays to know the right kind of people. Either way, Ringtone’s source of wealth remains a mystery.

The controversial gospel singer is one of the few celebrities in the country who eats life with a big spoon. For someone who came from humble beginnings as a street urchin, you could say the lad has beaten all the odds there are to beat.

Recently, Ringtone bought himself a sleek Range Rover just like Jaguar’s. He also moved into his Karen home valued at Shs. 50 million and he does not look like he is stopping there.

He has added to his fleet a Land Cruiser. He says the pricey SUV is meant for school missions.

“I bought myself a fantastic landcruiser for school missions but looks like schools are not going to open soon.”

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