pinye1Veteran disc jockey, Peter Chuani aka DJ Pinye, has come out to address the hostile reactions by a section of Kenyan artists after he called on musicians to work on album together.

Last week, the celebrated DJ launched a challenge via a poster that read,  “Kenyan talent is indisputable, but untapped. We must change that. I am calling out on Kenyan artistes and producers to create tracks and work on an album with me.”

The message was however not well received by artists who felt that the DJ does not support local music. Among them was gospel hitmaker, DK Kwenye Beat who reportedly splashed some unkind words over the poster that read, ‘Wacha Ujinga. Kwanza Cheza 70% Kenyan.’ You can catch all the details HERE.

Pinye has now come to say that he is disappointed.

“I don’t even know why they are hurling insults and they are not even in my project. I am not angry, just really disappointed.”

“The project is meant to challenge producers and artistes, we’ll have 22 songs in which 11 will be by unknown artistes and 11 by popular artistes. Already, Provoke and Wangechi have taken up the challenge and are working on something,” he said.