Henry Waswa has been shaking up the Nation of late..What with his Sonko tendencies,bottomless pockets and great rapport with young Kenyan youth.

Henry,who shot to the limelight after the Obama visit, after his story was written and shared by many blogs, a story of overcoming adversity and reaching for the stars; a story of humble beginnings that translated to immense wealth and massive popularity,is showing NO signs of slowing down.

And now,Henry Waswa,who is a 28-year old man valued at over 200 Million,is moving with speed to cement his position as the next National Mogul.

Henry,who is married with two gorgeous girls (That’s a story for another day) has been spotted in town moving in a convoy of over 10 cars…Cars that are NOT just cars,but heavy machines,powerful fuel-guzzlers and impressionable road dazzlers.

Waswa,who also attended the GES summit and made quite an impression on the youth gathered there,says that his greatest moment was getting to meet Obama up close,shaking his hand and benefiting from the wonderful advice that Obama gave him and a team of other Young Kenyan millionaires.

Henry is never shy to declare his wealth. Or show just how financially endowed he is.

Last week,after the Obama arrival at the JKIA,Henry was said to have hit a top club in Westlands where he bought beer worth over Ksh.135,000 for almost everyone in the club.

Henry’s arrival to the club was also not without drama. Prior to his grand arrival,Henry had his beefy body guards,all of who number up to around 10 on a single day,show up at the club and reserve some impromptu seats for him and his whole entourage.

And that’s exactly what happened…

Club managers were shocked when a team of beefy men,clad in sharp suits and sleek shoes,walked into the club and started making arrangements for the arrival of an unannounced VIP.

Seats were set aside immediately and after 30 minutes,Henry Waswa arrived with his entourage that included his brother,his closest friends,his business associates and some other people of Asian and Caucasian origin.

And that’s when EVERYONE got to have drinks bought for them by the generous Henry who sat at a corner all through…From 11.20pm to around 4.00am when he finally left the club followed by his army.

Henry’s life has been shaking the social media and many are questioning who really this guy is…

Well,We don’t know either. But one thing is for sure…Sonko’s days of reigning as the Undisputed Nairobi King Of Wealth are over.

There’s a new entrant in town. And he’s showing non signs of slowing down.

Hmmm….Let’s watch and see.

A new Hollywood soap opera seems to be unfolding. Written,directed by and starring the one and only Henry Waswa.


These photos are just a preview of his lifestyle.