jeffTV host Jeff Koinange has landed a major advertising role, being the new face of Tusker Malt – Kenya Breweries premium beer with a new look.

His TV commercial, dubbed ‘The Taste of Legends’, was launched on Tuesday night at Serena Hotel, the same time the company unveiled the new bottle.


The advert opens in a pub, with Jeff ordering one more. And then with perfect camera timing, he starts describing how a legend is made, appropriately using his trademark, legendary, deep voice.

“How is a legend made? It is made by making the right choice for a start. It is made by going where others don’t, to find the finest. A legend doesn’t appear overnight. It comes from being bold enough to give things time when others may not. A legend is crafted, considered and Is only a legend once it is complete. It is many things coming together to create character, depth and well, a legend….” The few multi-million shillings words uttered by Jeff, fitting perfectly into a 1 minute TV commercial.

Watch video.