mutahiPolitical analyst Mutahi Ngunyi sent out his apology to ‘The Luo Nation’ yesterday after a series of offending tweets.

It was sort of an anticlimax for many, who expected relevant bodies to charge him with hate speech. However, not everyone is buying into the apology.

Two well known luos, Jakakimba and Seth Odongo have spelt out these conditions for Mutahi.

“Mutahi Ngunyi’s apology should be accompanied with….

1. A letter of registration as life member of ODM.

2. A cheque of any such monies as the Luo Council of Elders shall determine, proceeds whereof shall go the funeral arrangements of Ker Riaga Ogallo.

3. Three packets of Sugar; one from Mumias, one from Chemelil and the other from South Nyanza Sugar Company, Sony.

4. 40 sacks of omena, to be distributed to the poverty stricken of Murang’a, like my friend Macharia Wa Njoki.

5. 7 jerseys of Gor Mahia; with one conspicuously written: Mutahi NgÙnyi.

6. A portrait of (Raila) Baba, (Raila) – B and (Raila) C!

7. A new theory, to be sold in such a manner that will fully distance itself from tyranny of numbers.

8. An indication that poverty, being ubiquitous, is not a signature of any ethnic community here.

9. An indication that lessons learnt shall never be un-learnt.

10. An indication that gin gin gin to wan wan wan and nothing can change that, hence, peace kende!”