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Fidel Odinga’s Son Marks 2nd Birthday with Grandpa Raila
Di Maria to have PSG medical in Qatar on Monday ahead of £44.4m move

CEO Who Made Every Employee’s Wage $70,000 And Took A 90% Pay Cut Is Now Struggling To Make Ends Meet
South Sudan becomes Olympic member

RANKED: The economies of all 50 US states and DC from worst to best
India census shows extent of poverty –

Dr. Dre unveils first album in 16 years
Where can I watch football on TV this season?

Chris Pratt Asked His Fans To Photoshop Him, Results Were Incredible
The 10 most painful places to get a tattoo

The Story of Mark Zuckerberg and Priscilla Chan is Reason Why Kenyan Ladies Should Stick to Their Poor Boyfriends
電梯吃人事故, 之後還未完結, 太禽獸了!

Israeli team Ashdod chased from the field by angry CSKA Sofia fans
Saudi king cuts short controversial holiday in France – BBC News

Here’s how you can generate a 3D hologram with your smartphone
Falcao at Chelsea? The only thing different is his hair!

This Guy Chewed Off His Fingertips And Ate Them In An Attempt To Avoid Being Fingerprinted | The LAD Bible
Rihanna flashes her curves in teeny two-piece while relaxing with BFF

‘Friends’ co-creator says it’s ‘ridiculous’ that the show’s stars made $1 million per episode
‘Rowdy’ Roddy Piper: Former wrestler dies aged 61 – BBC News

Man Speaks Out About His Wife’s Decision To Take A One-Way Trip To Mars | The LAD Bible
7 food magicians who’ll melt your mind –

Empire State Building broadcasts picture of Cecil the Lion above NYC
Some Americans refuse to give up on Confederate flag

The new Star Wars movie could rake in a whopping $2.2 billion worldwide
Family, celebrities, drama at Bobbi Kristina funeral –

PHOTOS – 10 Chinese Houses in the Middle of the Highway After Owners Refused To Move… Incredible