Chiwawa lashes out at Maina KageniFollowing the recent protest by local musicians over the low airplay that Kenyan music is being given in radio stations, an agitated Chiwawa has launched a scathing attack at Classic FM’s presenter Maina Kageni for calling local music ‘whack’. The veteran rapper known for his mnafeelaje hit , expressed his disappointment as he argued that Maina was a fool for failing to give local music the much needed airplay.

On his social media, a bitter Chiwawa posted, ‘naskia Maina Kageni alisema Kenyan music is wack. Well you don’t have to like it bro just do your damn job and play it. After that you can go have a beer as you wait for your salary. Musicians create jobs for radio presenters not the other way round. Fool wewe. # takeover #70%airplay.’

Well, shots have been fired, lets wait to hear what Maina Kageni will react to the verbal lash and name-calling.