julsThe extent to which some entrepreneurs go to market their businesses can sometimes be tolerated. However, there are those who take it to a whole ‘nother level with the hope that the truth will not come to light.

Miamu Properties, dealers in properties were caught in a blatant lie after a misleading piece of information in one of their property catalogues. Apparently, in a bid to attract buyers they claimed that celebrated Citizen TV’s Julie Gichuru was selling her house in Membley Estate along Thika Superhighway.

In the post dated June 30th, Miamu Properties were advertising a 4 bedroom maisonette from the estate.

This was the post


The post caught the eye of Julie Gichuru who blasted them on social media as cons. She wrote,

“Pls take heed: This company MIAMU PROPERTIES claims they are selling a home belonging to me in Ruiru. I have no home in Ruiru. Beware CONMEN!!!! Siku ya mwizi ni…”


The property dealers were forced to eat humble pie and apologize for the misleading information. This was the post miamu Julie used the apology to warn others who might be tempted to use her name.