KimaniOver a decade ago, the slogan ‘Tumechill’ with the two fingers sign was the in thing in the country. It was an abstinence campaign aimed at coping with the HIV/AIDS pandemic that had plagued Kenyan and Africa as a whole.

TV commercials, News paper ads, radio commercials and billboards were plenty. One of the ads featured a future TV girl, Edith Kimani, a former KTN news anchor now with Germany’s Deutsche Welle.

Through social media, Edith Kimani shared a newspaper clipping from 2003 her mum kept. She captioned it, #TBT oh my Africa! That one time circa 2003 when I was in an abstinence campaign. The money for countering the HIV pandemic in Africa was being pumped freely- former president Bush had just founded the President’s Emergency Plan for Aids Relief (PEPFAR) – and with it came 5 billion dollars and a caveat: 20% of the money had to go to abstinence focused programs. So there I was, promising abstinence on TV and in the papers ( that’s an actual newspaper clipping my mum kept) because he who pays the piper calls the tune. #TBT#MyAfrica

edith kimani