pastor ngangaApostle James Maina Ng’ang’a is not done with his antics. After spending 2 nights at the Gigiri Police Station, the pastor promised to give it a facelift to the tune of Sh3.5 million. He said that the station was in pathetic condition, especially the toilets.

“Before I left, I told OCS Joshua Ekirapa I will come back and repair the toilets,” Ng’ang’a said.

He was a guest of the state on Wednesday night and Thursday, waiting for the hearing of a case in which he is accused of causing death by dangerous driving, failure to report an accident, giving false information to a person employed by the public service commission and conspiracy to defeat justice.

Ng’ang’a made the financial appeal to his congregation yesterday, and the Star newspaper reports that there was a ‘near stampede’ as the faithfuls rushed to pick envelopes to put their donations after Ng’ang’a dished them out.

It is not clear whether the police department will accept the ‘gift’, but already there’s talk of it being an open bribery.

In his sermon, Pastor Ng’ang’a also fired at Inspector General Joseph Boinnet, accusing him of being unprofessional.

“Boinnet I want to tell you that you must learn how to speak to the media. If I were you, I won’t have commented on the accident before investigations were completed… You elicited the controversy in which I was condemned unheard, vilified and lynched through media”. he said.

He was referring to a media briefing in which the IG said Pastor Ng’ang’a was not behind the wheel at the time of the fatal accident.

“People started thinking he was defending me,” the pastor added.

He also urged his congregation to pray for the journalists who have been reporting falsehoods about him.

Here’s a clip of the service courtesy of Citizen TV.