mcWorkers from T&S Farm in Dukedom, Tennessee, who were under contract with Tyson Foods – McDonald’s supplier for McNuggets – were caught on camera, brutally stabbing and beating the chickens, and the footage caused widespread shock and outrage.

Now we all know Mcnuggets aren’t the healthiest of things, and they’re not made in the nicest way, but this treatment of the chickens was too much for even McDonald’s.

The fast food giant have severed ties with the farm, as have Tyson Foods, be it through actual disgust at the video, or for PR reasons.

Both Tyson Foods and McDonald’s have claimed animal safety is one of their primary concerns, and that they are working together to make sure it never happens again.

McDonald’s said:

We’re committed to working with animal welfare and industry experts to inform our policies that promote better management, strong employee education and verification of practices.

Warning: Graphic Footage

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