Boys will not always be boys because a time has to come when they mature up and become men. Yes, such is the case with Machachari’s actor Almasi (Ian Munene). Once a young boy, Almasi, who is now a high school student, seems to be undergoing through the changes of teenage-hood.

Recent photos of him hanging out with his lady friends over the August holiday have revealed how much of a man the young talented actor has become. Talk of showing love to the girls and showing off the middle finger, here are some photos of a changed Almasi from his Instagram.

Almasi teenage-hood 2
Almasi teenage-hood 1
Almasi teenage-hood 4
Almasi teenage-hood 3
Almasi Machachari 1
Almasi Machachari 3
Almasi Machachari 4
Almasi Machachari 5
Almasi Machachari 6
Almasi Machachari 7
Almasi Machachari 8