Ladies and gentlemen, if you’re used to stepping on Kidero’s grass, the fun is over.

The Nairobi governor yesterday unveiled 50 young men who have been trained and tasked with protecting the grass and flowers ahead of the Pope’s visit. They even have power to arrest you.

Unveiling them on Facebook, Kidero said.

This Morning more than 50 young men and women who have undergone extensive training in law enforcement were deployed in various parts of the CBD and its environs as part of NCCG’s Environmental Monitoring and Enforcement team.

The youth will oversee proper disposal of solid waste as well as deter residents from stepping on and destroying the recently unveilled beautification program in various parts of the city. Apart from ensuring that pedestrians use designated footpaths without stepping on flower beds or littering within the city; the team has also been empowered to arrest and hand over anyone found littering and stepping on flower beds. Anyone found culpable of the above offenses will be fined a minimum of Ksh. 2,000/-

I am requesting Nairobi residents to fully co-operate with this team for a cleaner and safer Nairobi. The County has invested more than Kes 40M on the beautification program and we would like to minimize the maintenance costs. More youths will be absorbed to ensure law and order is restored to our great city in the coming days. NCCG will continue to empower more youths in Nairobi County by providing long term employment for a ‪#‎BetterCityBetterLife