ciruThis argument may be countered with the fact that in the midst of Kenya Airways super loss, they actually saw increased passenger figures. But who says the numbers cannot be better.

It is known that most KQ flights have lots of empty seats, and the reason is quite simple; Price.

Our national carrier is not known for excellent services, yet its pricing structure is premium. Radio host Ciru Muriuki was hunting for cheap air tickets and she found out she can actually save a lot by not flying KQ.

So. I’m knee-deep in making plans to travel overseas in the next couple of months. Given that the dollar is 101 bob *goat faint*, I have been hunting for cheap tickets, because I don’t want to arrive at my destination and perform Akorino gospel hits to raise money for accommodation. Someone told me that I needed to use Skyscanner…which basically compiles data from several different sites and several different airlines and gets you the best price for the route you want to travel.

Nii reke gwire. KQ is charging $1238 for the SAME route that Ethiopian Airlines is charging $827 for. Over 400 dollars difference. And Ethiopian cabin crew look like this.

Bail out ni wewe.