MPesa cons
The modern day fraudsters are always coming up with new methods of conning innocent and unsuspecting people. Though Safaricom has tried its level best to stamp out MPesa fraud, some highly-skilled con-men have heftily been reaping from where they didn’t sow.

As it comes out, cons now call Safaricom subscribers, pretend to be customer care agents, then go ahead to ask you for your confidential sim-card registration details i.e ID card number and MPesa balance. After unknowingly granting them the vital information, they then impersonate you, call a Customer Care agent, lie that they have lost their line (which is supposedly yours) and ask that it gets blocked from service.

When all the above goes as planned, they then move on to replace your sim-card as theirs, move to your MPesa menu and milk your account dry.

Well, a concerned Kenyan decided to put to light the kind of atrocities the city cons have now schemed against mobile phone bankers. Below is the post he made on Facebook in regard to the fraudulent technique that many have fallen for without knowing.

Safaricom fraudsters