tabithaTabitha Karanja has fought many battles to make Keroche what it is today. Her’s is a story of determination and resilience, and she has always hoped that the worst is behind her.

This week however, she came face to face with a threat big enough to bring down her empire. President Uhuru Kenyatta last week issued a directive that all illicit brew businesses were to be shut down, and apparently Naivasha MP John Kihagi thinks Keroche Breweries is one of them.

This week Kihagi and Tabitha have been throwing words at each other and the culmination of that was a large group of hooligans that descended on Keroche plant yesterday determined to vandalize everything. Anti-riot police were however on standby.

I must say that some politicians really have no brains. Perhaps Tabitha should think of running for the Naivasha seat as she mastered the art of not getting along with Naivasha MPs.