besI keep asking myself this question. Doesn’t Uganda have any youths to uproot railway lines? Their opposition leaders are arrested way too often and no one reacts in a way that would force Museveni to rethink.

In reality, they are in the position Kenya was in the early 90s. I cannot start to think what would happen in Nairobi if say, Raila was arrested.

Yesterday, opposition leaders Kizza Besigye and Amama Mbabazi, both of whom will be fighting it out with Museveni on the ballot, were arrested. Mbabazi was on his way to meet supporters in the town of Mbale.

Besigye on the other hand was arrested outside his house on his way to the US embassy for a meeting with the ambassador. The police gave him two options; return home or be arrested.

He refused to return home and immediately arrested and taken to Nagalama Police Post.

We have a video of that arrest.