tbUS Supreme Court just legalized gay marriage in America, just weeks after Ireland citizens did the same through a referendum.

Things are however very different in Africa. Just this week, an opinion poll in Nigeria found that 87% believe that homosexuality should remain illegal. The situation is the same in Kenya, with leaders as prominent as the Deputy President speaking out against it.

So what’s special with Africa?

A lot of science can be used to explain this, but I think its simple. Poverty and the frustrations that come with it.

If today Synovate carried out a survey of support for homosexuality in Kenya, and divided their respondents by their economic capabilities, I believe the results would be quite different. Rich people tend to care less of what you do with your life, and are mostly liberal.

Poor, frustrated folks on the other hand turn to religion when things get thick, as they mostly do, and with their limited literacy levels interpret it they way want. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying you should not turn to your Bible when the going gets tough, but you should consult your common sense also.

This story is about a young Nigerian businessman by the name Tedus.

A video has emerged of Tedus been exorcised a ‘homosexual demon’. He reveals that he got ‘possessed’ after bathing in a hotel swimming pool in Nairobi.

A preacher by the name Wise Man Christopher at TB Joshua’s ministry is in charge of kicking out the demon.

You cannot hide,” Christopher said in what was understood to be a conversation with the demon living inside the man.

“He belongs to me. He is mine and you know it,” the demon replied

When Christopher asked who he was to Tedus, the demon replied that “he is my friend” and noted that there were many demons inside the young man’s body before revealing: “I made him gay. I made him love men instead of loving women.”

Christopher eventually commanded the demon to leave the man in the video and he fell to the floor. When he got up he could not recall what was said to the preacher.

He later revealed that the night after he went swimming with a group of men he met on the Kenyan trip, he had a strange dream where he was swimming in a pool filled with naked men.

‘After swimming, I went back to my room in the night to sleep and I had a dream. I dreamt where I saw myself swimming in the same pool and when I woke up, I felt something had entered me.’

‘I started having passion for men and going closer to my closer men. Before my journey, I had a fiancee. I had to ask her to quit the relationship because I had no passion for anymore – no more affections for her.’

He also revealed that he ‘started downloading gay porn’.

Tedus insists at the end that he has had ‘total deliverance’ and now feels a ‘passion for the opposite sex.’

No offense to Kanyari, Njoroge, TB Joshua and Wiseman Christopher, but I’ll stick to the good old churches; Catholic, ACK, PCEA and a few others.

At the end of the day, we have to accept the facts. Africa is miles behind in the civilization highway. Just as polygamy was shunned and monogamy adopted, a time will also come when Africans will also have those rainbow filters on Facebook.

Now watch the video.

Additional reporting by Christian Post/Daily Mail