The attention seeking for Obama’s presence continues. It might however be a little too late now for Mount Kenya University who have written a letter to the US Embassy requesting Obama’s presence.

Unlike SONU Chairman, Babu Owino who came up with a list of threats to the embassy, Mount Kenya University comrades have put forward a list of promises for the leader of the free world if he does visit their institution.

In the letter which has gone viral, MKUSA President Simon Kimani has listed 4 promises including giving Obama a ride in their recently acquired Ksh 15 Million digital bus.

The 62 seater bus which was unveiled at the Campus last week boasts of high speed,wireless internet, secondary charging ports for digital devices and interconnected TV screens to enable students carry on their studies on the go.

The comrades also promise to offer full scholarships to Obama’s daughter at any campus of their choice.

Here is that letter


Here are the photos of the Digital bus




Kenyatta University offered nothing. Somebody got game.